Introducing Connect…
Your Ready-Made Virtual Office!

With a shift towards virtual offices and remote working, Connect – patent pending - provides a secure, end-to-end solution that brings all aspects of your business onto one platform. It’s for companies that want to adapt to a changing environment and accelerate performance through optimal collaboration and best use of in-house systems.

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Adaptive Applications

Connect’s service interface-based approach facilitates a business-driven organisation, not a systems-driven organisation like with many other ERPs. Our evolving library of Connect service interfaces like Connect Meetings & Consultations, Connect Insights, Connect Resource Management, Connect Projects, Connect Clients and many more give you the capability to adapt quickly to changing business requirements. Connect combines some of the capabilities from leading business applications like Teams, Asana, Bootcamp, Zoom and Trello in a single, easy-to-use platform.

Collaborative Engaging Features

Connect is a robust, secure, device-responsive and well-supported program with modern engaging features like audio, video calling, chat, screen share and many more. It utilises the very latest Microsoft technologies and modern, multi-layered encryption methods that help your people, systems and operations work seamlessly under one roof in a way that accelerates your wider business outcomes. You can run your business in a way that suits your specific needs and not the demands of your inflexible legacy systems – all so you can stay competitive and ahead of the game at all times!

Seamless integration

Connect allows you to benefit from having impactful applications and features accessible on the same interface. You’ll easily and securely bring your people, systems and operations under one roof. The platform provides a collection of administrative interfaces that connect to supporting data so you can map to your in-house systems in a matter of hours – not the weeks or months you might be used to! Connect is the cost-effective approach that allows you to remain agile in the pursuit of your business goals. It gives you the unprecedented capacity to quickly adapt to changing business needs with seamless integration to your in-house systems thanks to our advanced modular architecture.

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